Ever since the sugar was first manufactured as a refined product it was an instant success. It became such an important commodity that family fortunes were madein different parts of the world, West Indies for example. The issue of whether the excessive use of it was bad was present from the start, as it leads to the degeneration of the body and bad quality of life. It is important to mention that the price of sugar was never low, therefore it was the ‘product’ only the rich could use in larger amounts.

I will try to elaborate on a few reasons why sugar is not good when used lots. As was mentioned before in reasonable quantities it is fine and non-refined sugar is less harmful, though the consumption of the refined, so called white sugar is more ‘popular’.

Why Sugar is Bad for You and How to Substitute It

  1. Food that we use for nutrition is basically ‘useful’ for us and there is always a mix of nutrients that enables our metabolism to function; with sugar that is quite different as it doesn’t offer any nutrients to the body and it sounds like a joke but it is really bad for the teeth;
  2. Sugar breaks down into glucose and fructose in our digestive system and then the fructose gets stored in the liver or ‘disposed’ into the body as ‘fat’ so the less of sugar taken our liver will be ‘happy’ not to worry about it;
  3. In addition to the above mentioned Liver that is filled with fructose can result into a non-alcoholic liver disease;
  4. More reason to stay ‘away’ from sugar is that it can also cause Insulin Resistance and that often leads to Diabetes;
  5. The less Insulin the body contains the more people risk the situation of getting cancer;
  6. Sugar is also a very addictive substance, as it causes Dopamine release in the brain and can lead to addiction to other ‘junk food’;
  7. Sugar is a direct cause for the Obesity in children and adults worldwide today, many countries are fighting it but this ‘battle’ is hard to win;
  8. And let’s just mention that there is a direct connection between high intake of sugar and High Cholesterol, and the next step is often a heart disease;
  9. The very latest discovery of the sugar-Alzheimer’s disease connection has been presented but it is still ‘early’ to come up with the elaborate explanation;

There are various ways and strategies one is able to utilize in order to minimize sugar intake. Today many people use ‘sweeteners’ like Xylitol whenever they need to make things ‘sweet’ (as in coffee, cakes, etc.) Not to go into to many details sweeteners are on the market since the end of XIX century, and they don’t affect Insulin when consumed. But lots of natural food products can be used to ‘sweeten’ our food too, and having more of ‘good’ sugars in one’s diet will be beneficial in the long run.

To sum it up, there are reasons for using sugar ‘substitutes’ today as they are readily available. Weight loss is one of the reasons and this will affect lots. Diabetes in some places is almost in a form of an epidemic, cutting on sugar will address this issue. Hypoglycemia is another ‘malady’ that many suffer from and, as with Diabetes, no sugar in diet will help. And just to mention again teeth, they just don’t ‘agree’ with sugar.