People who dislike or are averse to raw food diets have their reasons. However, chief among those reasons is simply never trying them. You see, you cannot shoot down what you have not tried yet, just because you feel it would not work for you.

Raw food diets have incredible advantages, and the reality is that if just 40 to 50 percent of the population were to adopt this as part of their daily dietary requirements, they would find themselves in greater health. We are not saying that you should cut out all other foods such as processed foods or animal protein. All we are suggesting is getting a little more green in your meals and watch what happens.

You Ingest More Nutrients

Fruits and vegetables are highly rich in nutrients and minerals. Unfortunately, with heat, the nutrients and enzymes in the average fruit or veggie is reduced to the almost nothing. So, it makes sense that eating them while they are fresh and uncooked will provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

For instance, most fruits are rich in antioxidants that are useful in helping your body eliminate free radicals and reduce aging. In fact, stats from the CDC show that more than 72% of the population are not getting the necessary nutrition they need. As a consequence, raw foods have become even more imperative.

Increased Energy Levels

Many adopters of the raw food diet have testified about its efficacy in upping their energy levels. This is not very surprising seeing as these foods typically do not require the enormous amount of resources necessary to break down processed and junk foods.

Your body has the natural ability to absorb raw foods. This means that you have less waste, less free radicals, increased cell oxygenation, and more.

As a result, you’re bound to experience increased energy levels, and less brain fog because your brain is getting the necessary nutrition. The bonus being that it is not bogged down by trying to break down all the junk in your belly.

Less Cravings for Refined Sugar

Sugars are an ever-present part of the average American meal. Unfortunately, refined sugars are highly dangerous to your body. White, refined sugar is the number one cause of Type 2 diabetes in the US.

Instead of regularly consuming sugar and poisoning your body, it is better to eat more sweet fruits and vegetables will provide you with the needed sweetness that you crave. The interesting thing about this is if you do it for one to two weeks, you’ll soon find the craving lessened and nonexistent.

Helps With Weight Loss

This is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. This makes sense because they are low on carbohydrates that get converted into fat when unused.

Most raw food adopters routinely switched to raw foods after their health took a turn for the worse, and they found that people were living healthier lives and correcting such health problems by just switching to raw foods. If you want to lose some weight and still be healthy, try eating more raw foods, alongside regular exercise and cutting back on all the junk foods you have been consuming.

Helps Minimize and Prevent Serious Illnesses

Increased and consistent consumption of junk, sugars, fatty foods is likely to result in diseases like diabetes, stroke, arteriosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases. It is interesting how we are systematically killing ourselves by willingly ingesting foods that poison our bodies.

Eating more raw foods or even adopting the entire diet has been responsible for minimizing the onset of major illnesses. For instance, less sugar means reduced chances of developing diabetes as your pancreas will not be overworked, causing it to work for a long, long time.

So, if you have not started, but are already thinking about it, when next you go out to a restaurant, make sure to order some raw food for dessert. Start small and progress until you can totally switch or maintain some balance.

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