The lucky women that do not have any pain during the menstrual period are rare and for those that have a painful period there are ways to reduce and to prevent the pain. These bellow listed tips will help you in those painful days.

Cramps during menstruation occur because the body releases various hormones, including the prostaglandin. This hormone helps to prepare the cervix for delivery and to push the baby from the uterus during the birth.

The spasms usually last one or two days, and then if the pain is unbearable then you suffer from dysmenorrhea, like 60% of women.


There are various drugs and hormones, but if you do not want to use them, follow these tips:

● Take a hot shower or relax your muscles with a hot water bottle which you should hold it in the lower abdomen.

● Do not wear tight jeans,belts or other tight clothing. Do not wear anything that will make pressure to your stomach.

● Avoid coffee and drinks that contain caffeine because at many women these foods and beverages increase the menstrual pain.

● Drink carrot juice or make a carrot soup, because the carrots relieve the menstrual pain.

● An Italian research shows that the vitamin D3 can reduce the menstrual cramps, because it hinders the production of prostaglandin.

● Try acupuncture

● Drink Yarrow tea, because it relieves the menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms, anxiety and reduces the inflammation of the ovaries.