Nutrition makes a huge part of our lives, because apart from sleeping, we spend a significant amount of our daily time eating, or at least, thinking about what to eat. Moving further from the idea that food presents a key element which keeps us alive, we’ll come to the conclusion that it’s not just important to eat, but to choose what to eat. So, it’s pretty simple to understand that food shapes the condition of our organism-it only up to us to decide whether we’ll keep our meals healthy or not. These are some of the main nutrition recommendations which everyone who cares about his/her health should stick to:


Enrich your menu with quality fish

The biggest mistake people make when they face with consequences caused by eating fast or processed food is pursuing rigorous diets. Instead of torturing your body, it’s better to refresh your menus with nutritive food, such as sea fish. Salmon is one of the healthiest things you can have in your dish, since it’s extremely rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, regulates thyroid function, and above everything, it has low caloric value and creates long-lasting feeling of fullness.  Another sea fish which should become a part of your meals is tuna, which is a real protein treasure.

You are what you eat 1

Stay away from sugar

If we exclude its influence on food’s taste, it’s evident that sugar really doesn’t bring any useful substance into our organism, but creates a number of pretty bad processes in the body. Some of them include disturbed insulin level and diabetes, filling body with fat deposits what leads to obesity, increasing cholesterol level, and dozens of developing diseases, such as cancer and heart damage. So, it’s clear that sugar is not something we should keep in our nutrition and it’s smarter to reach for piece of fruit, honey, or other natural sugar alternative.

You are what you eat 2

Avoid grains

Although many people think that groceries which contain grains, such as bread and pastry, can’t harm their organism, the situation is actually opposite. With the respect to few beneficial grain sorts, the majority of commonly consumed foods are made from white flour which comes from processed wheat. If this is on your menu, you should know that it’s full of calories and gluten, which is not something your body will like. Luckily, you can always opt for gluten free food, and if you can’t give up from grains, then pick food made of whole grains.

Eat fruits and veggies

There’s nothing which can turn your nutrition into healthy habit from fresh fruits and vegetables. So, make your meals greener by eating lettuce, cabbage, green beans and spinach, which are full of iron, vitamin C and antioxidants essential for strong immunity and blood cells. Some fruits, such as berries are rich in various vitamins and minerals which are great for blood pressure lowering, while tomatoes stand out as great source of fiber, vitamins C and A.

You are what you eat 3

Our health is greatly influenced by the nutrition, and our everyday functioning is significantly disturbed when organism faces the diseases. Therefore, it’s obvious that we are not just dependent from food, but it’s a factor which determines the quality of our lives.