Every bite from the watermelon is like sip from a refreshing drink. We propose a different version of a refreshing watermelon juice with cucumber, which is an ideal drink for days with high temperatures.The watermelon is really refreshing in summer days. But we always have to clean our face and mouth when we eat watermelon.

That is why it is sometimes it is much easier to drink watermelon juice. Try this excellent combination of the watermelon and cucumber with a sweet taste that is flavored with a small amount of vodka and lime.


● 750gr chopped watermelon without seeds
● 1 large chopped and peeled cucumber
● 1/4 cup of lime juice
● 2 tablespoons honey
● 2/3 cup vodka
● ice
● cucumber or lime slices for decoration

cucumbers and watermellon


Set a large sieve over a bowl or jug. Place the watermelon pieces in the blender and make a puree. Pour the puree through a sieve and press with a large spoon or with any similar kitchen tool. You should get two cups of watermelon juice from that amount.

Make a puree from the cucumber pieces in the same way and add the juice to the watermelon juice also through a sieve. Mix the lime juice with honey in a small cup and add the mixture to the juice of watermelon and cucumber and then pour the vodka. If you want to juice to have a milder taste, then add more honey to get the desired taste.

Finally, fill the glasses with ice and pour the juice. Put a piece of cucumber or lime for decoration at the edge of the glasses.