A blemish-free, radiant, healthy-looking skin is a dream for every girl. Despite the occasional spell of rains, summer is still at its peak. Hot weather is the worst enemy of your skin and it can cause various skin problems like acne, pimple, zits, rash, tan, heat bumps, sweat etc.

Due to the sweltering heat, the skin secretes excessive sebum, which sometimes plugs the pores of your skin. These plugged pores are infected by a certain bacterium called Cutibacterium acnes which accumulates toxins in your body resulting in amplifying the skin disorder.

Acne also termed as Acne vulgaris is a severe skin condition, where the pores of your skin get clogged due to excessive secretion of sebum or oil and dead skin cells. It causes different types of bumps which include pimples, zits, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, rashes etc. Sometimes the formation of acne is also due to hereditary reasons or due to some hormonal imbalances. Acne is not just limited to women; men and some teenagers also fall prey to this skin trouble.

Recent times, there are several treatment options available right from medications, medical procedures to lifestyle changes etc. Treatment of acne is not a miracle, which happens overnight. It takes time, patience and strong will power and determination for acne-free skin.

As the saying goes by that “Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness”, so skin problems like acne should be treated from within the body. Try following these few simple steps to prevent and eradicate acne permanently:

  1. Drink lots of water:

As we are talking about eradicating the root cause of acne, water is the best available option. Dehydration can make your skin look dry and shrivelled and makes your body prone to infections.  Drinking 10-11 glasses of water regularly wash out the harmful toxins and impurities from the body, hydrates the skin cells, prevents dehydration and rejuvenates the skin.

  1. Treat your body with fresh fruits and greeneries and cut back on sugars:

Water and vegetables go hand in hand. The myriad of antioxidants and multivitamins present in the fruits and vegetables plays a vital role in maintaining skin health. Leafy green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, celery rich in vitamins reduce the secretion of excess oil and sebum thus reducing the chances of a breakout. The potent antioxidants present in most of the summer fruits like lemons, grapefruit, wood apple, Jamun not only protects the skin from bacterial invasion but also removes blemishes, lighten the skin and reduces signs of ageing.

  1. Cut Back On Sugar and Fried Food:

This is the most important thing that you need to follow religiously. Consumption of a high amount of sugar and sugary items increase your blood sugar level causing inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation triggers various skin problems including acne. Apart from sugars, deep-fried food, oily greasy meals are difficult to digest. It increases the level of toxins in your body. Hence, try avoiding sugar and fried food to get a healthy body and skin.