A Brief Think about the Procedures

You’ll find subtle similarities forward and backward procedures using their variations. To start, local anesthesia operates for the scalp to make certain that no discomfort sensation practical knowledge by the owner undergoing the transplant. Hair follicles are acquired in the different manner inside the two transplant surgeries.

In FUT, a strip of scalp is cut in the rear from the mind (donor site) to get dissected within stereo microscope to get follicular units in the preferred size. They’re stored inside a saline solution to make sure that they are healthy until you are grafted. The extraction of hair roots in FUE is conducted using a pneumatic punch that can take out only one follicular unit ready for grafting.

Small incisions are produced with the surgeon in the area where the hair is going to be transplanted (recipient site) using specialized needles. How’s that for carefully completed to make certain the direction in the tresses are as stated by the desire. The follicular units is going to be grafted to the incisions individually to make certain optimum solutions are had.

The Main Variations

The main variations forward and backward procedures may help a person in deciding which choice to choose.

The quantity of Grafts

The quantity of grafts that exist for transplant in a single session will be a lot greater in FUE due to the nature in the process. Since FUT grafts are acquired by cutting a strip, the follicles acquired within the given strip have to be used. With individual follicular unit being extracted, FUE does not have such restriction.

Success Rate

Both procedures give a relatively high success rate. Compared forward and backward, FUE features a better success rate since the follicles extracted don’t have to be dissected and is grafted immediately. During dissection in FUT, some follicles may be damaged on the way. The danger also increases while using follicles being put in the saline solution.

Postoperative Care

How lengthy needed for recovery is about 7 days in FUE and a pair of days in FUT following a surgery. It could vary sometimes. You need to rest after both procedures to help the scalp recover. There are particular medications that are given to the person after hair surgery. Overall greater postoperative care is needed after FUT due to the strip that’s withdrawn from the scalp to make certain that contamination does not occur.


In FUE, tiny pinhole scars might be left following a procedure. Unlike typically the most popular opinion, scarring in FUE is not completely absent. These scars are frequently incorporated in hair of ordinary length. However, the scarring in FUT procedure is much more getting an upright line scar within the donor site. It’ll get engrossed in hair just one cannot have very short hair so that you can hide it.


The cost from the procedures varies a great bit and FUT costs under FUE. The later has been in existence for just a few many therefore is priced greater.

You need to determine which hair surgery option to choose keeping all advantages and disadvantages in your thoughts. For most people FUE will probably be a mechanical choice. For old-fashioned folks or individuals searching within the economic side of matters combined with hair, FUT works perfectly.