If you had breast augmentation surgery, you probably weren’t thinking there can be a second surgery. It is important to understand that breast implants are not meant to last forever. Most implants have warranties for a period of around 10 years, so if there were not any issues in this period, you should anyway do the breast implant revision.

Before the procedure, the doctor will do an evaluation, and if it’s necessary, some additional tests will be done. For women who had breast cancer surgery, there is an option known as breast reconstruction surgery where the breast cancer surgeon Sydney will put implant or tissue from some other body part to reconstruct the part where your breast is removed.

Common reasons for breast implant revision

It does not have to happen something with your implants to have a reason to replace them. Women are usually deciding to replace their implants, simply because they would like to have different size of their breast or different shape. These days, women are mostly concern that their implants are not too big.

Situations, where you have to undergo breast implant revision, is when there is some problem with them. That can be implant rupture or implant dislocation. These problems are quite easy to notice, and your doctor will quickly make a decision for the next step.

With breast implant revision, you will stay on the track

Capsular contracture is a common issue when it comes to breast implants. This condition will give your breasts a stiff look, and sometimes this can be painful. It is caused by the scar tissue, which is going to be removed, and most probably your implants will be replaced.

After pregnancy, significant weight gain or weight loss, your breasts can change the shape, to become more lose, and that can also happen due to the natural aging process. The best technique in breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic can easily change that by lifting your breasts and replacing older implants with the new ones which will give you more “younger” looking breasts.

Sometimes, women are unhappy with their results from the augmentation surgery, such as symmastia, bottoming out, or when the implants look like two bubbles. Opinions change, so women who had breast augmentation surgery 20 years ago, will most likely want to have implants that are more in balance with their body. They also decide to remove breast implants, and then maybe undergo a breast lift.

Today, plastic surgery offers saline implants, which can give a more natural feeling and look, and women are usually changing their silicone implants with these. One more plus for saline implants is that if they get ruptured, the body will absorb the liquid as it is totally safe.

Final word

When you decide to do breast implant revision, make sure to have realistic results. Some problems are very hard to fix, and maybe even after breast implant revision, there will still be some hints of the issue.