Potato Diet Plan is a form of food routine that is developed to help people through a weight loss program. Ideally, the diet involves eating only cooked potatoes for about three to five days. Did you guess that, right? People have always wondered, “does potato diet works?” “Does the potato diet help weight loss?” Yes, it does. But don’t just take the word for it; here is what you should understand about the diet and potato calories

Also known as potato hack, this is a short-term diet that can enhance weight loss. While potatoes can be nutritionally satisfying among other forms of food, when managing health, to be honest, you might not feel that way when going on a potato fast. That is also coupled with the fact that you do not have the luxury of being very creative to make different things out of the potatoes. You can only boil the potatoes with no additives and toppings. It sounds dry, right? Well, the result is worth enduring the program. Do you remember what they say —no pain, no gain? Yeah? Great. 

In this diet plan, you are only allowed to eat plain potatoes, no luxury for toppings other than minimal (dry or powdered) spices. While some recommend baking and using oil, but you should know that those increase the potato calories and oil has fat content.

How does it work?

Eating foods high in calories gives the body more work than is needed. The calories are not expended during body activities; hence, there are always deposits in the body. Potato calories, however, are very low and allows the body to use up the calories. The typically low calories from potatoes can also give the body the chance to expend the excess deposits for its cellular and muscular functioning.

Feeding on these plain spuds is estimated to help you drop about 0.45kg or 1 lbs per day.

Testimonies include Penn Jillette, who ate plain, cooked potatoes for two weeks, and dropped 8 kg (18lbs) in 2 weeks. Tim Steele, in his 2016 book, “Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified,” explained that potato diet improves gut health and provides considerable nutrients during a weight-shedding program. 


  • Eat them plain.
  • Eat about 0.9-2.3kg (2-5lbs) per day.
  • No toppings nor condiments.
  • Your fluid should be water or plain tea.
  • Avoid unprescribed medication at this time.
  • Do not indulge heavy workout.

While some people have snacked on just potato calories for a week and more, this diet is not recommended for a long-term, but for a short term, which is typically about 3-5 days. It is normal to feel sick and tired of potatoes for a while after the program, but you will be grateful for them. And while you are over the effect, you would occasionally want to try them out again.