Vaginal hygiene is often neglected. Women tend to juggle between work and family which keeps them from attending to their sexual well-being. In fact, females are often too shy to talk about it. Further, terms like ‘vagina’ and ‘menstruation’ are still a taboo in India. In all, the reproductive system of women is still a mystery to many. However, not taking adequate care,such as how to safely remove hair,can lead to complicated issues. These include fungal infections, redness, urinary tract infections, itching and raw areasand even inflammation.

The vagina has far many functions that giving birth. It provides a passageway for blood and tissues during periods and holds the sperm till it passes to the uterus. So, one needs to take immense care of this organ. Have a look at top hygiene tips every female must know.

1.    Pubic Hair Care

Grooming pubes is a personal preference. However, studies have found that over 87% women clean up. This is mainly due to odor or sweat accumulation. Excess moisture down there can lead to yeast and bacterial growth. Therefore, to manage and prevent these conditions, consider using a bikini line trimmer. Pick the one which is ideal for sensitive parts and reaches areas that are beyond the reach of razors. A hair-free smooth skin can keep you from daily discomforts.

2.    Changing Sanitary Pads

Top gynecologists recommend changing napkins every 3-4 hours. Tampons should be changed every 6 hours. Otherwise, you could experience itches and unpleasant smell. In fact, women have also complained of infections which required prolonged treatment. It is also recommended to use hair removal wax to keep the area clean during periods to avoid blood clots from sticking between your tangles.

3.    Washing After Intercourse

Gently clean and wipe after sex. You can use warm water around the vagina. You can also splash water inside the folds to ensure thorough cleaning. This is important to protect from UTI and similar infections.However, avoid using soaps, sprays or washes for vagina. Just sticking to rinsing would be enough. Further, peeing right after intercourse also works to remove fluids or bacteria that might have entered the body.

4.    Cotton Underwear

All your hipsters, G-strings, bikinis, thongs and panties should be made from cotton. The material is light and helps the vagina breathe. Air flow down there keeps the area dry and reduces heat build-up during summers. Synthetic materials like nylon tend to trap moisture and make it a breeding ground for bacteria. Further, changing your underwear at least once a day is a healthy hygiene approach.

5.    Regular Check Up

Besides using hair removal wax and cleaning your vagina, it is crucial to visit the gynecologists regularly. Routine wellness checks can keep your reproductive organ in good health.  PAP smear, ultrasounds and colposcopy are the most common ones recommended for every mid-age woman. These help in diagnosis and treatment of vaginal infections, ovarian cysts and even complicated diseases like endometriosis.

Maintaining vaginal hygiene is no rocket science. Sparing a few minutes every day and using the right products are enough to keep yourself healthy for the longest time.