The CBD flower market has grown explosively and thousands of people are constantly in demand of them. No wonder the market is buzzing with various products.

However, there are some notable CBD products that are always sought after because of their health benefits. However, it’s often safe to get CBD flowers from an authorized vendor.

Meanwhile, check out the list of some popular varieties of CBD flowers and their health advantages :


This CBD flower contains about 22,8 % cannabinoids. It also contains :

  • Sativa strain ;
  • Increased CBD content ;
  • Persistent groovy flavors and aromas.

Furthermore, this hand-trimmed CBD flower contains a bold terpene profile, also presenting a special, smooth, and smoke flavor. Its advantages include :

  • Offers an inner peaceful energy ;
  • It keeps one motivated all through the day ;
  • It helps in keeping one focused ;
  • Provides easement while working or while relaxing.

Space Sour Candy

Its total cannabinoids are 22,2 %. Also, it contains high CBD content and an amazing aroma which may push you to ask for more. The flavor contains tropical and citrus content which offers you a tasty and enjoyable smoke.

Advantages of Sour Space Candy include the following :

  • Boosts and uplifts one’s mood ;
  • Provides a shouting relief especially if you are sad.

Bubba Kush

Unlike the previous two CBD flowers listed above, the Bubba Kush does not contain too many cannabinoids (16,18 %), but it remains an efficient CBD flower with tons of advantages attached to it.

It has a scent of coffee, faint coconut notes, chocolate, and even citrus content as well. One of its important advantages is that it can help you gain massive strength that will push you in completing tons of work instantly.

Other advantages of Bubba Kush include :

  • Relaxes the mind ;
  • Provides massive strength ;
  • Contains Caffeine.

Sour Lifter

Total cannabinoids contained in Sour Lifter is 19,62 %, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering the best in terms of relaxation and agility after taking it.

Sour Lifter contains High CBD content and it is usually sold as a flower. Additionally, it contains a special and filled flavor with diesel and citrus.

Its advantages include :

  • Nice flavor and scent ;
  • It clears your head and keeps you calm ;
  • Uplifts your mood ;
  • Provides a high level of alertness.


This CBD flower contains about 13,3 % cannabinoids and it is just as efficient as other listed CBD flowers. Due to its content, this CBD flower can uplift your social skills, allowing you to interact with other people without shyness or fear.

Like others, it is also hand-trimmed and it is usually sold as pre-rolls and flowers. Its CBD content is in the medium phase but that does not stop it from having the following advantages :

  • Makes you feel relaxed ;
  • It helps you feel calm ;
  • It keeps one awake for a long time.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you can get the best CBD flower if you visit the CBD Mega Market. Other rare and healthy varieties of CBD are also available here. Make you consult a professional for the best CBD flower suitable for you.