Dozens of new medical products hit the market every year. Each one promises to be the next big thing with a lengthy list of benefits to back it up. Most fall painfully short of their marketing claims and quickly fade from existence. Of course, a select few manage to impress the public and remain in the spotlight.

In many cases, the most exciting and effective of those products aren’t really new at all. They’re age-old natural remedies that are simply receiving new attention. Cannabis is one of those time-tested alternatives that’s experiencing a revival of interest. There’s no shortage of potential uses for and benefits of this plant, or more specifically, one of its primary components.

CBD Explained

So far, scientists have found more than 500 distinct compounds in cannabis. Some of them are cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis and can provide health benefits for certain medical conditions. CBD shows ample promise in treating many physical and mental health issues as well, but it doesn’t contain the same psychoactive aspect as THC. Those are only a couple of the cannabinoids in various parts of the cannabis plant.

CBD and its fellow cannabinoids are also accompanied by numerous flavonoids, or plant-based nutrients. Terpenes enter the mix as well. They give different strains of cannabis their distinct flavor and aroma profiles, but studies have revealed these compounds offer quite a few health benefits of their own and help boost the effectiveness of CBD. Several other compounds are present as well, many of which scientists still don’t fully understand.

Possible Health Benefits of CBD

In light of all these ongoing discoveries, a number of companies like Pure Relief are offering a wide range of CBD-based products. Their selections might include oils, gummies, and topical gels and creams to name a few. Those products may offer certain health benefits if used correctly.

  • Pain Relief. People often turn to CBD-based products for natural pain relief. Both edibles and topicals can offer various levels of pain management for conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, sports injuries, post-surgical recovery, migraines, and other situations.
  • Inflammation Reduction. Numerous medical conditions either stem from inflammation or cause it. Inflammation leads to pain, swelling, redness, and several other problems. It can also spread to various areas of the body. When used topically or internally, CBD may aid in reducing inflammation and its many side effects.
  • Stress Relief. Since CBD is a sedative, it can promote relaxation. At the same time, CBD has been found effective for treating anxiety, tension, and muscle spasms among other stress-related issues. By inducing relaxation, it can also be helpful for fighting insomnia and many physical symptoms that are brought on by stress.

These are only a few of the potential benefits of CBD. Keep in mind, the dosage is a key factor in determining how effective a CBD-based product will be. Since the industry has few regulations in place right now, some products only contain minimal amounts of CBD. Pay close attention to those products, and be sure to do plenty of research before placing your faith in a specific one.