Diet plays an important role in managing and controlling different lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes, etc. Nutritional therapy is an approach to improvise health conditions through lifestyle changes and dietary tweaks. Moreover, research proves that eating healthy helps in addiction recovery as well. Also known as medical nutritional therapy, it protects body against numerous diseases, restoring health. Basically, food plays a key role in preventing the progression of a certain disease. 

Why is it important?


Healthy eating is essential, no matter you’re suffering from an illness or not. Nutritional therapy is ideal for people of all ages, young or too old, looking for healthy well-being. Nutritional therapists are not just registered dieticians, they are medical professionals offering patients sustainable and nutritionally balanced diet plan. The therapists normally assess the patient’s current health status and medical history to prescribe a personalised nutrition chart. They don’t replace conventional medicines, but provide guidelines to hold off the risk of diseases and to boost overall health. 


How do they work?

Nutritional therapists deal with a range of clients, suffering from chronic illness, offering advice on disease prevention and control plans. Since every person is unique, the therapists should do a comprehensive case study to provide a proper nutritional chart that’s suitable to their current health concerns and lifestyle. Therapists also advice on topics related to managing stress, natural detoxification, absorption, digestion, and avoidance of toxins or allergens. Make sure to switch to nutritional therapy under strict medical administration and follow their guidelines properly to maintain a meaningful and sustainable lifestyle. 

Benefits of nutritional therapy

Therapists undertake university studies in the field of diet-related medical conditions, food science, research, and counseling, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, and food service.  They deal with vegan diet, diabetes, weight management, cancer, chronic kidney disease, high cholesterol & blood pressure, eating disorders, difficulty swallowing, constipation, and many more. 

Apart from controlling and supervising diseases, nutritional therapy comes with added benefits, such as 

  • Healthy immune system
  • Enhanced digestive system & sleeping patterns
  • Detection of food intolerance
  • De-stressed mind and balanced hormones 
  • Improved energy levels & skin conditions
  • Weight loss & overall development in body function


Proper nutrition also helps drug or alcoholic addicts feel better as therapy repairs organ tissue, help in building body energy and immune system. The best nutritional therapy should be evidence-based, sustainable and practical. Dietitians at Integral Performance Physio are licensed health care professionals who treat nutrition problems based on client’s medical condition and lifestyle.