A paining shoulder is an issue, which can affect both men and women of every age. Overusing these ball and socket joints may put  heavy stress on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons and thereby, leading to many health problems. So, getting to know how to effectively treat your Shoulder Pain is very significant particularly since there are many different methods available for you. 

Possible causes of shoulder pain:

The perfect treatment for your health condition is based on the cause. In case you are not certain regarding the diagnosis, you can receive the suggestion of a doctor before beginning any therapy by yourself. Given below are some possible reasons responsible for your shoulder pain.

  • Dislocation
  • Arthritis
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Acromial super
  • Tennis shoulder
  • Bursitis
  • A direct injury
  • Tendon aging or normal deterioration
  • Strain from the abrupt swell in the activity

The following are some of the problems you can experience with shoulder pain:

  • You are not able to lift or carry heavy objects
  • Your shoulder starts to pain during the rest time
  • You may feel it hard to raise your arm

Different types of available therapies:

The main treatment options available for shoulder pain are:

Physical therapy – An effective treatment to relieve stiffness or discomfort and it will include the below-given modalities

  1. TENS – The purpose of this technique is to offer relief by introducing electrodes to your skin and prevent the impulse present in underlying nerves. In this way, it enhances blood circulation and relaxes your shoulder and neck muscles.
  2. Therapeutic workouts – It consists of a wide range of strengthening, motion, and conditioning workouts that help patients to improve strength, restore mobility, and regain their pre-injury energy level
  3. Massage – If you would like to reduce the unwanted stress, which may add to your shoulder pain, massage helps you a lot in improving blood circulation and fastening your healing process. It will also improve your motion range.
  4. Heat and ice application – It is quite common to apply ice packs and heat pads. The use of ice packs will help to reduce aches and inflammation. To resolve these conditions, you can use a hot pack or heating pad and relax your tight & sore muscles.
  5. Chiropractic care and management – To improve mobility and alleviate muscle spasm, you need chiropractic assignment. Chiropractors at Onehealthcareclinic.com can help to change your habits and lifestyles to protect you from further injuries or ailments.