Medical billing is an important payment method within the United States healthcare system. In general, this method involves a health care provider getting payer data from an individual, processing a claim, and then communicating that claim with an insurance company. The health insurance provider will then pay the medical billing service the appropriate amount for the services rendered by the individual. Individuals who provide health care to a large number of patients will most likely have a large number of medical claims over a long period of time. Thus, the payment method needs to be reliable, fast, and easy to use in order to keep the business moving along smoothly.

When a health insurance provider hires a medical biller, they are doing so with the knowledge that any mistakes made within the process will result in reimbursement of the costs already incurred by the client. Mistakes can occur during a claim submission process, when data is lost, or even during the actual processing of the claims. As a result, many health insurance providers require their billers to be licensed or at least fully trained in order to remain certified.

Medical coders must also be highly organized in order to properly file patient visits, prescriptions, or health insurance claims. Medical coders complete a large number of tasks in a given day and they often must coordinate several different departments within a small office. This helps ensure that medical billing and coding professionals stay on track and help to run smoothly.

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