In 1998 Viagra became the world’s most recognizable brand for ED but if we talk about user satisfaction Viagra runs a distant second behind tadalafil. The tadalafil comes in powder and tablets. It is helpful for men who experience erectile dysfunction. This powder is a longer-acting option that men prefer over other ED treatments. In this article, we will talk about the tadalafil and how it has become more popular than Viagra.

The tadalafil powder works for 36 hours after taking it before taking it. Always consult with your doctor about it, he will give you proper consultation whether you can take it or not. He will talk about your past medical history. He will tell you about the correct method of taking it. you can take it before food or after food. Some women also prefer it.

The duration of tadalafil is longer than Viagra so most of the men take it where Viagra works only for four hours it works for 36 hours. For example, if a man takes this medicine on Friday then the medicine works till Sunday.  You can take it daily or before sexual activity. This medicine has clear advantages for dating couples who love hot and heavy periods, who value sexual spontaneity.

This medicine is most favorite among the long-term spouses who are less likely to be sexually spontaneous and who more likely to make sex date they can take this medicine after the perception of doctor and pharmacist. If you have any confusion you can check the information leaflet which is given inside the box or you can consult with a pharmacist.

If we talk about its duration of action it’s quite similar to all other erection medications, it starts its work after one hour of taking it. It works the same as if you are taking an empty stomach or after a meal. Some men have complaints or feel some side effects because of it. So always take doctor’s advice when you are taking it. The side effects included headache, stomach upset, nasal congestion.

Can old men take this erection medicine?

After the age of 40 many men do not feel erection or facing ED problems so for them tadalafil powder is best. Due to this medicine, they enhance intercourse. many old couples feel new after taking this medicine. Some of them still using genital hand massage, oral sex, and vibrator play. For them before this medicine intercourse was a hassle.

It works the same as Viagra and gives relaxation to them as smooth muscles and arteries inside the penis. It mainly increases the blood flow to the penis. Gives them relaxation and also increases the blood flow that allows the penis to fill with blood as a result the erection happens. So this medicine is better than Viagra but if we talk about the duration then Viagra works after one hour where it works after two hours.