Swollen gums can be caused by several reasons. One of the most common reasons is having poor oral hygiene leading to formation and deposition of plaque on the gum line. If it is not treated adequately, it may cause further complications such as gingivitis(inflammation of the gum) and periodontitis. Other possible causes for gum swelling are hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy, anemia, diabetes and heart failure.

Usually, these gum swellings can be treated at home with simple home remedies, however if it is caused by other underlying conditions and lasts for more than 2 weeks, it is crucial to get an appointment with a dentist to evaluate you further for appropriate management.

Continue reading to know more about some best medicines to treat swollen gums including some simple home remedies and medical or surgical treatments.

  1. Home remedies
  • Rinse with salt water – Basically salt water helps to prevent the growth of bacteria as it alters the pH of the surrounding and absorbs moisture which is favourable for the growth of bacteria. Simply take a few teaspoons of table salt and mi with a glass of warm water and gurgle it for a few minutes. Practice this daily before sleeping or after waking up in the morning.
  • Warm or cold compress – Both warm and cold compress generally helps in soothing the inflammation that has occurred. Use a clean cloth and use either warm water or ice cubes to apply at inflamed and swollen areas like gums, cheeks and lips. Practice this daily until your swelling starts to subsides slowly.
  • Drink lots of water – Another possible cause for gum swelling can be dehydration leading to dry gums, Therefore, it is vital to drink adequate amounts of water to stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva contains important chemicals in it to prevent growth of disease causing bacteria in the mouth.
  • Avoid tobacco products – tobacco products which contain nicotine especially are associated with dry mouth, thus dry mouth can easily cause gum swelling accompanied by gum bleeding.
  • Brush your teeth – Brush your teeth at least twice per day with a suitable texture of toothbrush and toothpaste. Avoid brushing your teeth too hard as this can cause injury to your teeth root and gum leading to more worsening of gum bleeding.

Apart from some of the home remedies mentioned above, you can also meet a doctor or a dentist for further evaluation on your problem and get it treated in the right way possible to avoid any bad consequences. Here are some of the medical and surgical treatments that might be suggested by your doctor to relieve your swollen gums.

1. Scaling and polishing

This is the one of the most common methods used by most dentists to get rid of the stubborn plaque deposited on your teeth. As you have learned earlier, one of the commonest causes of gum swelling is poor dental hygiene leading to plaque formation and deposition on your teeth root. This plaque is removed adequately by scaling method and then further polished to make your teeth look healthier.

2. Antibiotics

If the cause for your gum swelling is having a dental infection such as dental abscess, then your doctor will prescribe you with some antibiotics course to be taken for days or weeks according to its severity. Bear in mind, to complete the full course of antibiotics according to the prescription given to completely heal you swollen gum.

3. Tooth extraction

This is commonly done as a last resort treatment plan when a problematic tooth is the root cause for your gum swelling. The infected tooth which cannot be treated conservatively is then extracted properly to relieve your symptoms.