While women read extensively and try to get information as much as they can about pregnancy and taking care of baby, unfortunately they don’t try to get information about their own health after childbirth.

The fact is that pregnancy and childbirth brings about some taxing changes to a woman’s body which are quite stressful. These include tearing of muscles, stretching of skin, hormonal imbalance and misshaping of body parts.

All these changes can affect your overall health badly and therefore should be rectified through something called a mummy makeover. Visit http://pclscoffsharbour.com.au/ to know more.

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Here are some of the major changes and why you should consider a mummy makeover.

1. Abdomen

After delivery, your core abdominal muscles can become weak and most women would experience some amount of diastasis recti (split of abdominal muscles) which is due to the baby and the enlarged uterus.

Diastasis recti may close by itself after the initial 8 weeks of delivery. However, if it doesn’t, it can cause:

  • Weakened core muscles
  • Big tummy looking as if you’re still pregnant
  • Back pain while carrying heavy loads

A mummy makeover includes rectification of problems of multiple body parts. Know about mummy makeover cost according to PCLS Coffs Harbour and consider this procedure.

2. Breasts

After childbirth, your estrogen and progesterone levels reduce while your prolactin (hormone that induces production of milk) levels increase.

This results in an increased blood flow towards the breasts and milk production which further results in engorgement of breasts.

This is the highest for 2-3 days after delivery and will recede as your child starts breastfeeding.

After pregnancy, your breasts may stay larger, become smaller or regain their pre-pregnancy size. It’s even common for women to experience a reduced cup-size after pregnancy.

In some women, there is sagging of the breast skin which is because of the breast weight gain during pregnancy.

3. Skin

Stress, hormonal changes and lack of rest brought by new parenthood may adversely affect your skin.

Some women having clear skin during pregnancy may get increased breakouts while some others having acne may start seeing improvement.

Some women may get a dark line starting from the belly button and ending on the pubic bone while some others may see dark patches of skin (chloasma) along forehead, nose or lips.

Depending on the size of the baby and weight gain, stretch marks may also arise along your belly which will slowly become lighter but may not vanish entirely.

4. Legs

During pregnancy, weight increases which can cause varicose veins, spider veins and stretch marks in the legs. Although they will get smaller over time, they may become permanent.

Using compression stockings can be helpful to ease out pain from swelling caused by varicose veins and decrease prominence of spider veins after childbirth.

5. Vagina

If you undergo normal vaginal delivery, your vagina can remain a bit larger than before. But over the next few days, it will start gaining muscle tone back and slowly get smaller.

The skin of labia may also get stretched during pregnancy and delivery. Labia form the external part of the genitalia and are important for protecting vagina and sexual intercourse.

Sometimes it may shrink and become uniform, but sometimes it may remain asymmetrical or overly large causing discomfort.

Considering all these changes, don’t you think you should try a mummy makeover?